High- Tec GPS embedded cash box for your outdoor cash transportation with real time tracking monitoring from Smart track.

Smart track cash box gives you confident to travel locally and around the world with global GPS tracking and monitoring system.

High volume audible sounder, smoke with ink, smart wrist noose, Steel and Fiber hard cover and combination lock & 2 Padlocks Live tracking by your computers or any handheld device, usage support of air and water, more designs to select according to your requirements. Made in UK and 25 years track records in Europe.

Low Quantity Valuables / Cash Carrying Options
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Drop In Bag / Wallet Options
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High Quantity Valuables / Cash Carrying Options
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Magnetic Mounted Tracker Option

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 Vehicle Tracking
STV1 Unit
(Live tracking, history tracking, fuel cut, Geo fence, compatible with car security alarms)

STV2 Unit
(Fuel tracking, two way voice, live photo, Temperature sensor, door sensor, live/history tracking, geo fence, bonnet sensor, each reports daily and monthly)

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STV3 Unit
(Fuel tracking with vehicle real fuel sensor or from external fuel sensor, RFID reader with passive cards and tags, barcode scanner, CCTV night vision camera, two way voice communication and tire pressure display )

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   Asset Tracking
STV4 Unit
Water proof GPS tracking Solution for asset/heavy equipment and motorcycle


STV5 Unit
GPS asset tracking for container


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STV6 Unit

GPS asset tracking with BBC smart box on GCOS software

  STV8 Unit

GPS asset tacking for Boats using INSMART marine satellite with GCOS
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  Personal Tracking
STV9 Unit

GPS watch tracker with software



STV10 Unit

GPS watch tracker without software 

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STV11 Unit

GPS Portable Box (Kids, Pets, Parcels, Hiking, Sports men)

  STV12 Unit

Short distance with GPS


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  Navigation Unit
STV15 Unit

Navigation Unit


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