STV 3 Unit  
  (Fuel tracking with vehicle’s real fuel sensor or from external fuel sensor, RFID reader with passive cards and tags, barcode scanner, CCTV night vision camera, two way voice communication and tyre pressure display )

STV3  can connect up to 9 digital fuel sensors for detecting fuel tank level change . We use fuel sensor with high precision, the accuracy is 0.5%. The data will be displayed as a curve in real time and create the history data analysis report by PDF, email




SMS and GPRS TCP/UDP Communication, Voice call function(optional)
Real-time tracking (Internal Time and distance calculate)
Remote configuration
Intelligent power management.(4 mode)
Remote control door open/close, fuel and power cut off.
64 Geofencing reports
Up to 1 month’s history data log storage.
10 times voice communication history record.
Channel input (include 6 channel logistic input which is user-defined, 1 pulse counter     input).
Six channel output(include 4 channel logistic output which is user-defined)
Programmable, intelligent AD input.
User-defined 3X16 byte saving memory for recording installation information.
User-defined upload time for intelligent management of data flow.
Anti-explosion function.
Mileage statistics
  Telephone authorization function.
Real time monitoring of the change of input signal.
Support backup IP and com port.
8 kinds of track analysis report.
Daily journey report
Over speed report
Running section report
Running state timing report
Parking section report
Fatigue driving report
GSM signal monitor report
Voice communication report
Support 3 different additional peripheral via RS232/485 port at the same time.
Integrate management system, such as Fleet management: printer, scanner, CCD camera,  RFID, fingerprint sensor, keyboard, LCD Screen and fuel sensor .
Bus authorization supporting (optional), J1939, and FMS,
Support huge capacity SD/Flash card storage, downloading via USB/RS232

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